Tenakee* is a 1994 model foundation-bred American Bashkir Curly horse; ABC #1875. She is out of Colonel's Maud* ABC #982(f) and by Mead's Homesteader* ABC #792(f). She has a draft build and demeanor, and stamps her foals with both. She has produced for us a lovely 2013 filly, by MCH Buddy* ABC #3335, and we have retained this filly - with her mother's stellar personality, solid build from both, and the added splash of color from her sire our love of Tenakee carries on in her offspring!

Tenakee* - ABC #1875(f)

CR Takala Rose ABC #S-760

Our first foal at Cedar Ridge, Takala is a perfect example of what Tenakee* can produce! She is people-oriented, and a true social butterfly. After taking her sweet time giving her to us, Tenakee delivered this healthy filly on February 5th, 2013. Her sire, MCH Buddy* (ABC #3335) and Tenakee* are a great pair, and have produced quality time and time again! Takala will follow in her dam's hoof steps right here at Cedar Ridge. 


CMC Simitar's Rose Red* - ABC #3681

Scarlet was the first Curly in our herd, and clearly, not the last! She is an '07 foal out of Col's Indigo Girl* ABC #2359 and by FFS MacSimitar Legacy* ABC #3709. She is trained to both ride and drive, and boy does she have the moves! A long, ground-covering stride perfect for a nice cart ride on the road. She is a very smart, sensitive, and sensible mare, with a solid body, covered in curls and the most gorgeous chestnut color; what is not to love?

MCH Dakotah Domino ABC #S-666

MCH Dakotah Domino, barn name Darla, is a sight to behold. She is a straight-coated mare out of White Lightin' ABC #S-450 by leopard appaloosa stallion Mead's Dakotah Deauce* ABC #2387. Born a loud bay leopard, Darla has grayed over time. Not only does she have sensational conformation, color, and overall attitude, she has suspension in her gaits that few, very special Curlies posses! She will be my dressage mount, as well as trail horse extraordinare. We hope to dabble in it all, and show in this coming season! 

Stag Creek Eka Huutsu

ABC #4070

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From the day I met Eka Huutsu I knew I wanted nothing more than to bring her home with me. She is a wonderful young mare, with years of promise and talent ahead of her. Out of Ebi Huutsu ABC #3955 and by the impressive Curly stallion Tall Trees Misdemeanor ABC #3540 her beauty is nothing less than what I would have expected from her parents. She made her trip from Stag Creek Farm in Texas to Cedar Ridge here in Wisconsin without batting a curly eyelash. It is evident that not only is Barbara Carroll's breeding program one of a kind, but she has set Eka Huutsu up with the skills to become a polite young lady. I hope to continue Eka's training and introduce her to the life of a driving horse right along side our very own CR Takala Rose.